New Climbers! SET A NEW GOAL; EXPLORE NEW PLACES; Plan for your 10 Climb Award !!!


One climb 5.5 or harder in each of the following areas.
__ Tahquitz
__ Sierra’s
__ Lovers Leap
__ Suicide
__ Yosemite Valley
__ San Bernardino Mntns
__ Joshua Tree
__ Tuolumne Meadows
__ Sequioia Needles
__ Red Rocks

Lover's LeapPast Recipients:  Nathan  Fitzhugh, Sheila Romane, Jennifer Hopper, Alan Bartlett, Todd Gordon, Cindy Bransford, Julia Cronk, Bob Cable, Brad Singer, Mike Rigney, Connie Rigney, Eric Tipton, Kenn Kenaga, Joel Koury, Linda Hall, Adam Brennan, Jeff Brennan, Lori Brennan, Pat Brennan, Bruce Binder, Craig Britton, Daniel Thiele, John Cardmon, Mike Itnyre, Eric Odenthal, Kevin Graves, Lee Clark, Jim Reeves, Noelle Ladd, Agina Sedler,  Ryan Crochiere…Who’s Next ?

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