ROWCC Merchandise

We have ROWCC T-Shirts for sale. T-Shirts are $20.00 each, Long sleeve T- Shirts are $25.00 each, and sweat shirts are   $30.00 each.  If you want one, contact Pat or Dan.  Here is what we got:

Woman’s T-Shirts: Blue- 3 in large.

Pink -4 in small, 2 in medium, 5 in large, 2 in extra large.

Men’s T-Shirts in light green: 5 in small, 4 in medium, 6 in large.

Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirts in dark green:  4 in Small, 6 in medium, 5 in large, 2 in extra large, 1 in double extra large.

Men’s Sweat  Shirts in gray: 6 in extra large.

Also we have ROWCC stickers with the classic logo. $1.00 each.


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