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  1. We are not a teaching club or a guide service. Climbing is dangerous and ‘yur gonna die’ unless you are humble, ready to listen, learn and watch and start carefully. Still, if you join; you’ll learn by doing just as so many of us have. We’re cool with you following and then leading at a lower level as you learn to safely place gear, build anchors and deal with various types of rock and rock features. We’ve had at least 10 climbers learn to lead in the last year with our club. Now they own their own racks and ropes and are climbing safely at 5.10 plus. All that being said, learning to climb or improve your climbing by hiring a guide is also an excellent way to improve or fast track your progress. We have members who climb Big Walls, Ice Climbing and of course Trad and Sport climbing. Join up and come hang with us ! We’ll take you to some new places that others never get to see !

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