Brad Singer
Brad Singer

Hidden Treasures East; Big Bear Basin--San Bernardino Mountains

Hidden Treasures East:

Big Bear Basin

Rock Climbing in the San Bernardino Mountains by Brad Singer

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  1. Both of these books offer an excellent guide to our local mountains. Unfortunately, these books are now out of print (sold out). So count yourself lucky if you can find someone who will lend you a copy. There is a lot of route development in the Big Bear areas.

    Feel free to submit any topos for publishing on new routes and we’ll share them so others can enjoy the best of our local crags.

  2. mike bouffard says: Reply

    hi i am new to the area, living around lake arrowhead my name is mike. i have come across these books on forums and have had no success on finding them for sale. i am more interested in the hidden treasures east book but would love to get my hands on both. if you have any information that would be great. i also have met ken, sorry i only have his first name. i know he is a member. we met at a search and rescue meeting which my girlfriend and i are looking into participating. he invited us out for some week day climbing so who ever this may be hopefully our paths cross on the rock! any info would be greatly appreciated

    1. Hi Mike…..I’m Kevin and I help out with new members of the Rim of the World Climbing Club. Both books are out of print so those of us that have them are reluctant to loan them out. The best way to get to know an area is to go out and climb it with locals. Kenn ( leads trips on Tuesdays and we have been climbing at Sphinx Rock (Cliffhangar) and will probably climb at Scott Rock (off hwy 18) and Lake Arrowhead Pinnacles (hwy173). We meet up between 430 and 5:00. Come join us. We’re headed to Moab on the 28th if you want to join us for a big trip; your’e invited. We climb every month on official trips and this weekend we are at Fairview Mountain near Apple Valley sport climbing and we’ll soon be climbing at Holcomb Valley and up at Tahquitz too. Dues are $40.00 for 12 campsites per year (official and some primitive) plus partner roster, summer rendezvous (all you can eat, drink and climb) in Big Bear. Let me know if you are interested; Kevin Graves ( Check out the web page trips for all the places we climb at !

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